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Create your gift certificate in four easy steps. To begin, choose between a package, an item a la carte, an access to an event, a monetary value gift certificate or a booklet. Then you can select the desired service, personalize your gift and voilą!

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Thermal experience

Thermal experience Details 5100$ 10200$

The thermal experience allows you to use our facilities for a full day. You can enjoy our baths (hot, cold and temperate), saunas, outdoor and indoor relaxation areas as well as a restaurant with terrace. 


Classic massage - 60 minutes Details 11000$ 22000$

This gift certificate allows its receptient to choose a 60-minute classic massage: Swedish or Mom-to-be.

Specialty massage - 60 minutes Details 12500$ 25000$

This gift certificate allows its receptient to take the 60-minute Deep tissue specialty massage.

Classic massage - 90 minutes Details 15500$ 31000$

Swedish massage: Combining strength and softness, this table massage eliminates tension, reduces stress, and improves blood circulation.

Specialty massage - 90 minutes Details 16500$ 33000$

Choose from one of our specialy 90 minute massage: Hydrothermëa Massage, Assisted Thermal Cycle and Massage or Hot Stones Massage 

Body treatments

Classic body treatment Details 10000$ 20000$

This gift certificate allows its receptient to choose a 60-minute classic body treatment: Face, foot, body or vivifying.

Specialty body treatment: Lumėa Details 13500$ 27000$

The Lumëa treatment will tone your face and revive its natural glow. Recommended especially for mature skin, which can become dehydrated, Lumëa consists entirely of gentle procedures: exfoliating vitamin C mask, facial and scalp massage, and cool lifting mask. The result is striking and immediate: after the smoothing gel around the eyes and toning cream are applied at the end of the session, your face will shine!  

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